Frequently Asked Questions


What are the return conditions?


The return period is 14 days from the day you receive the product.


Special production products, hair accessories, swimwear, party accessories, hats and socks are not refundable. Used, worn, washed or damaged packaging


products are not subject to return  In these cases, no refund will be made.


How can I return the products I bought?


In order to return your products for FREE, it will be sufficient to deliver our customer number to the nearest Yurtiçi cargo branch by specifying “504539330”.


If your payment method is cash on delivery - transfer, we ask you to write your IBAN information (IBAN owner name, surname and IBAN number) inside the package.


When you return a product, your money will be refunded by sticking to your payment method after receiving approval from product review.


If you have made your payment with a debit/credit card, your refund will be returned to your card within 2-5 business days.


If you have paid with the option of payment at the door or money order, it will be returned to the IBAN number you will send to us within 2-5 working days.


Note: Do not forget to take note of the return cargo tracking number given to you by Yurtiçi Kargo during your return.


Do I pay the shipping fee for returns?


You can send your orders to us for FREE with the selected cargo company (Domestic) on behalf of Le Mabelle.


When will I be refunded for the product I returned/canceled?


The return process is completed within 2-5 business days from the date we receive the returned product (if the product complies with the return conditions).


When will my order arrive?


Delivery time for products delivered by Le Mabelle brand warehouse is 1-3 working days. The delivery time (based on the brand) for our Collaborating Brands is specified in the product description.


Where is my parcel?


When your order is delivered to the cargo company, you will receive a notification e-mail, and then the notifications about the process will continue to come via sms and e-mail.


Does your company deliver cargo on public holidays?


There is no cargo delivery on public holidays.


Do you have international delivery?


We have delivery abroad.


If I cancel or return an order that I have benefited from, will the campaign be cancelled?


If the campaign conditions continue to be met despite the cancellation or refund, the campaign will not be cancelled.


If the remaining products in the order after cancellation or return are not sufficient to meet the campaign conditions, the campaign will be cancelled. The refund is made by deducting the discount of the campaign.




If the orders created with the free shipping campaign are canceled/returned and the remaining amount does not meet the campaign condition, the shipping fee is deducted from the product price to be returned.

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