Privacy and Security

Dear Le Mabelle Member,

Le Mabelle requests some personal information (name, age, area of ​​interest, e-mail, etc.) in order to provide better service about education.

Le Mabell's collection of this information, periodical campaign works, customer profiles-specific campaigns, not to be communicated and used within the customer's body only Mabelle Mabelle  
Le Mabelle, the people collected by the unqualified forms, the news of the subject or the members of a person, the people are definitely not used the same things.
Le Mabell evaluates audience movements and preferences in the use of a personal site in e-mail and qualitative forms.

Providing information about Mabelle and a special and effective shopping experience for those who cannot find personal materials  with business partners  can be shared.

Information of customers, trainings for authorities. It is the customer of the customers of the person who belongs to all of the customers of the customer. No one else can have this.

We are fine in terms of use without payment, the site is not yet complete. The entire  Le Mabelle interface for payment in this way is among our current banks and products.

Considering our members by applying;

Learning whether personal data is processed,
Requesting information on personal data,
Learning the purpose of processing personal data and that it is not used in accordance with its purpose,
Knowing about the persons with personal data in the country or abroad,
In case of something consisting of personal data, unintentionally
The process of changing the relevant arrangement or the way of changing the arrangement,
To reorganize, to request deletion and destruction, to be sent to the persons concerned with the transfer of personal data,
It is analyzed and cultivated by the person for the processing of the processed data,< disposing of it> Requesting your preference in the event that personal data is played in relation to the illegal manipulation of personal data,
has the rights.

Le Mabelle, the above-mentioned requests can be scheduled in writing or digitally, with a targeted positive/negative response. 13 of the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 by the Personal Data Protection Board in a cafeteria, which is the guest of the request.

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