Pudra Dantel Detaylı Kız Çocuk Elbise Set - Lony
Pudra Dantel Detaylı Kız Çocuk Elbise Set - Lony

Powder Lace Detailed Girl Dress Set- Lony

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Price : $14.37(Vat included)
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Girl's dress set with button-up detail, lace, hairband on the front

set; It consists of 2 parts as dress and hair band.

Suitable for daily and special day usage.

Fabric content 100 %cotton

is a normal mold model, you can choose the body you use in daily life for your mini.

Sensitive washing at 30 degrees is recommended.

You can compare with the body dimensions in the following measurement table with the help of a tilty by laying a product you use.


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size waist*2
6 months 39 cm 23 cm
9 months 42 cm 24 cm
12 months 44 cm 25 cm
18 months 47 cm 26 cm
24 months 50 cm 27 cm